Lawsuit Claims Seller Hid Pending Historic Designation for Miami Church

David Silver Quote : The process for historical designation takes several months, if not longer,” Silver said. “In this particular context, there were over 100 buildings being redesignated at the time. All owners were given notice to objec… Read More

Investors Suing Cryptsy CEO Certified as Class

A group of investors alleging the CEO of a Delray Beach-based digital currency exchange absconded to China with $8 million dollars in clients’ money now have class certification to pursue their suit. Former clients say businessman Paul Vernon fled… Read More

Cryptsy Founder Paul Vernon Disappeared, Along with Millions of His Customers' Cash

David Silver Quotes: At the end of the day, this is a crime story that’s not over yet because the money is still missing. I don’t believe a legitimate business tells its clients a year and a half later that $5 million is missing and, w… Read More

Mystery of Cryptsy's Collapse Grows as CEO's Whereabouts Unknown

David Silver Quote: Speaking to CoinDesk, attorney David Silver of the Silver Law Group reiterated a past call for Vernon to cooperate with plaintiffs and said that efforts to gain control of assets and client funds remain ongoing. ”While we are t… Read More

Court Freezes Bitcoin Exchange's Assets, Appoints Receiver

David Silver Quote: My clients have no access to any of their accounts. The lawsuit has to be certified as a class action suit before the court can determine who will be entitled to recovered funds. A federal court has appointed a receiver for Cryp… Read More

Court Documents Show Cryptsy CEO Predicted Exchange Would Fail

David Silver Quote: A legitimate company would be addressing these issues head-on, and my question is, where is anyone from Cryptsy to address this lawsuit that has been going on for a month now? “Where is Paul Vernon?” Weeks before dis… Read More

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Digital Currency

David Silver Quote: As a FinCEN member, you have certain obligations, and those obligations require you to communicate with your customers. And here, customers don’t know why they are being denied access to their money. Two Florida law firms… Read More

Bitcoin Exchange Cryptsy Faces Lawsuit Over Customer Account Breach - CoinDesk (October 24, 2014)

David Silver Quote: “This is like the client walking into a bank on a Monday morning with a statement from the bank saying he has 150 BTC, and asking to withdraw that bitcoin, and the bank saying that someone took that money this morning and we ha… Read More