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President of Tezos Swiss Foundation Steps Down

Silver said in an email he looked forward to learning more about the new president of the board and his business background. “Unfortunately, the governance situation is a complicated mess; and I don’t think this does anything to help that.” Read More
News Source: Reuters

US Securities Regulator Rejects BitConnect Records Request

"As investors in cryptocurrency have begun to understand, where you invest and store your money is critical in this space. "Here today, gone tomorrow" is a scary mantra, whether it be at exchanges like BitConnect, BitGrail, Kraken, or CoinCheck." Read More
News Source: CoinDesk

SEC Denies FOIA Request on Controversial Tezos ICO

In Silver's interpretation, the letter proves that the SEC is actively investigating the blockchain project. "Consistent with what [SEC chair] Jay Clayton said at the Senate hearing this week, I'm happy to learn that the SEC is investigating Tezos… Read More
News Source: CoinDesk

SEC Says Releasing Tezos Documents Could Hurt Enforcement Activities

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A top U.S. securities regulator says it cannot release documents related to the cryptocurrency project Tezos because doing so could interfere with an investigation or enforcement activities, according to a document seen by… Read More
News Source: Reuters

Investors Seek Asset Freeze For BitConnect In Fraud Suit

David C. Silver told Law360 on Monday that BitConnect was “a classic Ponzi scheme.” “Now that the music has stopped playing, thousands upon thousands find themselves victims of this financial crime,” Read More
News Source: Law360

Cryptocurrency 2018: When the Law Catches up with the Game - Changing Technology (Silver Miller Leads the Way)

Blockchain technology and the virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, that uses this technology are revolutionizing the way businesses function and deliver goods and services. Even as cryptocurrency becomes a widely debated topic, gaining the critical a… Read More
News Source: National Law Review

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Failed Cryptocurrency Exchange BitConnect

The plaintiffs are represented by the same law firm that filed the recent class action lawsuits against the promotors of the Initial Coin Offerings by Tezos and Giga Watt. Read More
News Source: Venable LLP

Cryptocurrency Outlet Accused Of Fraud In 2nd Investor Suit

“I’ve heard countless heartbreaking stories of people who believed the hype in this case, which is why we are suing the YouTube promoters who made millions,” Silver said, referring to several additional defendants named in the suit. “With re… Read More
News Source: Law360

BitConnect’s ‘Crypto-Wonderland’ Hit With Investor Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by David Silver, a Florida lawyer who focuses on cryptocurrency-related litigation." Read More
News Source: Bloomberg Markets

Crypto Class Action Targets Facebook, YouTube Promoters

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, is likely the first case against a cryptocurrency company to seek damages from social media promoters, David C. Silver, counsel for the plaintiffs and an attorney at… Read More
News Source: Bloomberg BNA

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