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Crypto Cowboy Binance Wants to Play By the Rules

Binance came out of nowhere in 2017 to become the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Its explosive growth has been fueled by a strategy of avoiding the regulatory headaches that go with the conventional banking system, and focusing instead o… Read More

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Sued by Former Trading Desk Manager

A former employee of Kraken, one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges, is suing the crypto platform for allegedly failing to pay him for work he did. Jonathan Silverman, who was hired in April 2017 to manage Kraken’s institutional sales an… Read More

Nano cryptocurrency seeks dismissal of $170 million “rescue fork” lawsuit

A rising tide lifts all boats, and the last week of rising prices in crypto seems to be doing just that—even lifting Nano, a boat once thought sunk. Previously known as “RaiBlocks” and traded as XRB, Nano has gone through an intensive rebra… Read More

The "Conservative" Case for a Bitcoin Rally to $50,000

While the value of Bitcoin remains down in the dumps, so to speak, its believers still have stars in their eyes. Many crypto investors are adamant that their holdings will eventually retest their all-time highs, prior to another jaw-droppi… Read More

BlockFi Lowers Interest Rates for Top Tier Crypto Deposit Accounts

Crypto wealth management and lending company BlockFi has lowered the interest rates for their biggest cryptocurrency deposit accounts, according to an official blog post on March 22. BlockFi launched the BlockFi Interest Accou… Read More

Cryptocurrency Diehards Turn to Interest Bearing Accounts

Retail investors are lining up for the latest twist in the never-ending crypto craze.BlockFi, a fintech startup backed by billionaire Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Capital, began providing interest-bearing accounts this month that offer up to 6.2 perce… Read More

Cryptocurrency Option for Buying Into Miami's WeWork Building

Downtown Miami’s WeWork building and a 469-unit apartment development on Florida’s Gulf Coast soon will be open to investors — including those trading in cryptocurrency. It’s an innovative offering that allows investors to buy limite… Read More

Blockchain Neophyte Carves Out Niche in Cryptocurrency Litigation

David Silver learned about cryptocurrency the way a lot of people do—at a dinner party. It was 2014 and there was one person at the dinner table who was heavy into bitcoin mining—the computer-powered competition that creates new bitcoins. It… Read More

Boston Virtual Currency Thief Gets 10-Year Prison Term in California

Joel Ortiz, a UMass Boston student from Allston who was arrested in California last year for stealing $5 million in cryptocurrencies, has pleaded guilty and will accept a 10-year prison sentence. Ortiz is a 2016 valedictorian of Another Course t… Read More

How the US Government Shutdown is Halting Crypto Progress on Wall Street

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history is hurting the crypto industry, too. As the impasse in Washington stretches into its record-breaking fourth week, the closure of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commod… Read More

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