District That Drew Overbilling Complaints Finds No Problem With Water Meters

David Silver Quote :

I do not pretend to be an engineer or expert in the matter, but I know that homeowners are still complaining about the irregular and inconsistent billing", said David Silver, the Vice President of the Heron Bay Community Association in both Parkland and Coral Springs. "I feel for the frustrated residents"[;] but until proven otherwise, it appears the newer technology simply gives a more accurate reading.

A water district that serves 16,000 homes in Coral Springs and Parkland has completed an audit that examined whether anything was wrong with new water meters used to bill customers.

The audit finding: The new meters are working properly and giving accurate readings. 

The North Springs Improvement District commissioned the audit at the request of a county commissioner who was getting hundreds of complaints from residents of skyrocketing bills, often by hundreds of dollars.

Rod Colon, deputy district manager of the North Springs Improvement District, said his agency went “above and beyond and no other utility has ever done an audit like this.”

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