About Our Firm

Silver Miller is a boutique of litigators and trial lawyers committed to representing aggrieved clients in business disputes including investment fraud and consumer class action cases. We accept nearly all of our cases on a pure contingency-fee basis; and for any pure contingency-fee case in which we are not successful in obtaining a recovery, we do not get paid a fee. Through aggressive litigation strategies, critical analyses of the facts and law applicable to each case, and exemplary legal writing, we represent our clients’ interests as if they were our own. Anything less is not acceptable to us, nor should it be acceptable to our clients.

We can proudly state that our lawyers have had many tremendous successes assisting clients recover funds and property wrongfully taken from them, including judgments and recoveries valued at more than $100 Million in the past five years alone. Every case is different, and those results do not necessarily foreshadow what we might obtain for you in your case. However, our highly-skilled team of attorneys and support professionals are happy to discuss with you their qualifications and how we might be able to assist you in obtaining in your case an advantageous resolution with which you will be satisfied. Contact us today to discuss your legal matter at no cost and with no obligation.

For our efforts, our attorneys have received accolades of the highest order in the legal profession. We’ve been featured in newspapers and magazines and on television. While the awards and honors are nice, the thing that will always be most important to us is providing our clients the very best legal services we can in a quick and efficient manner that helps restore the financial and emotional strength that was wrongfully taken from them. And when we don’t do that, we don’t get paid a fee.

If you are a lawyer or law firm and are looking to refer a matter, we accept attorney referrals and pay referral fees in all applicable cases. Please contact us to discuss how we can help assist you.