Silver Miller continuously investigates financial misconduct that impacts investors and others who have suffered financial loss in a business setting. The following are but a few of the matters we are currently investigating on behalf of our clients. If you believe you have suffered financial harm in an area not listed here, please contact us to discuss your legal rights and how we might be able to help you recover your losses.

Crypto - Cellphone SIM/Port Hijacking

SIM/PORT SWAP IDENTITY THEFT A subscriber identity module, widely known as a “SIM card,” stores user data in cellular phones on the Global System for Mobile (GSM) network — the radio network used by companies such as AT&T and T-Mobile t… Read More

Atonomi ICO Securities Law Violations

In Spring 2018, Seattle, Washington-based start-up tech security company Atonomi LLC (“Atonomi”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CENTRI Technologies, Inc., raised approximately $25 Million through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to develop what it p… Read More

Coinbase Class Action

Silver Miller is acting as Co-Lead Counsel to the putative class of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit pending against California-based Money Services Business and cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase, Inc. The case is pending in the United… Read More

Kraken Exchange

Payward, Inc. d/b/a Kraken is the self-touted “largest Bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity and also trading Canadian dollars, U.S. dollars, British, pounds and Japanese yen.” KRAKEN further promotes itself as “consistently [being] rat… Read More

Ponzi Scheme Fraud Investigation

Although Bernie Madoff is responsible for running one of the most well-known investment scams of its kind, “Ponzi schemes” (as they are commonly called) are known to many victimized investors in financial scams both large and small.  Typically,… Read More

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) Fraud

In July 2017, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a report addressing whether a developing investment vehicle — the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) — runs afoul of federal securities laws. Silver Miller is investigating the IC… Read More

Elder Financial Fraud

Incidents of elder financial abuse are unfortunately becoming more frequent each year, as financial advisors or other trusted people engage in behavior intended to deceive and deprive elderly persons of their finances, personal possessions, and even… Read More

Accountant Malpractice

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and their accounting firms must adhere to a strict set of rules in performing their professional duties. Unfortunately, many CPAs and accounting firms are either unaware of all of the rules they must follow or cons… Read More

Oil, Gas, and Energy Investment Losses

OIL, GAS, AND ENERGY INVESTMENT INVESTIGATION Believing that oil, gas, and energy sources will always be in high demand by consumers across the globe, investment advisors have historically touted investments in those areas as conservative avenues for… Read More

Tezos Class Action

Silver Miller — the leading cryptocurrency investor law firm in the country, with actions currently pending against the Coinbase, Kraken, and Cryptsy exchanges — filed the first federal court lawsuit against troubled blockchain start-up T… Read More

BitConnect Class Action

Following months of bad press and increased scrutiny from securities regulators, cryptocurrency lending and exchange platform BitConnect abruptly shut down its operations on the morning of January 17, 2018.  Silver Miller ( &… Read More


The year 2022 proved to be a difficult one for people who invested through decentralized finance (DeFi) lending platforms like Celsius, Voyager, and BlockFi — each of which saw its business crumble and devolve into seeking bankruptcy court pro… Read More

Terra/Luna Investigation

May 2022 saw a massive fall in the value of the stablecoin terraUSD (UST) and its companion token (LUNA) on the terra blockchain, with the coins plummeting to a point of them being essentially worthless and unable to be traded on several major crypto… Read More


In 2016, Silver Miller — on behalf of a group of victims — commenced against California-based Money Services Business and cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase, Inc. a class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the S… Read More


Gemini has frozen the Earn program and your accounts. Genesis Global — Gemini’s sole Earn partner — halted withdrawals almost two months ago, and Gemini paused redemptions immediately thereafter. Unfortunately, as many of you know, ther… Read More