Who We Are

Silver Miller is committed to helping individuals and companies who have been victimized in business relationships by fraud or other forms of deceit. Some of our clients are individuals who were duped into fraudulent investments. Some of our clients are companies who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals or other corporate entities. Regardless of what kind of business relationship it is, our goal is to assist those people and companies who find themselves having been cheated get their money and property back on a contingency-fee basis. If we are not successful in helping recover money or property for our clients in a contingency-fee case, they do not have to pay us a fee.

Unlike many law firms that bill their clients monthly for every hour, or quarter-hour, or tenth-of-an-hour the professionals at the firm have expended, we do not like sending bills to clients when we have not yet obtained for them tangible results, so we do not do that. On almost all of our cases, we only get paid if we have successfully secured for our clients actual, demonstrable recoveries. Our fortunes are tied with those of our clients, which is how we believe things should be. Their success is our success, and their misfortune is our misfortune.

We believe that, as lawyers, it is vital that we never lose sight of the fact that our clients’ legal difficulties translate to real-world concerns. Investment losses are not just numbers on paper. As we guide our clients through the battlefields of legal disputes, we always keep our focus on how resolving those legal matters will help alleviate, if not eliminate, our clients’ real-world struggles.

We also believe it is critical at the outset of each case to do a four-corner analysis of our client’s damages to formulate the best conceivable strategy for a quick and just resolution of the client’s claim. Our up-front analysis sets in motion the strategies we employ in obtaining for the client a most advantageous outcome in the least amount of time. We do not accept cases in which we do not believe, and we do not employ tactics that are odious or unprofessional. And while we establish litigation strategies at a very early stage of each case, we repeatedly confer with our clients as each case evolves to re-evaluate our strategies as necessary to adjust to the ebbs and flows of each case. We remain flexible yet undeterred from our overall goal of procuring for each client the best possible result each unique case allows.

At Silver Miller, we strive to hold ourselves as attorneys turning misfortune around.