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Business Litigation

Everyone understands how a divorce works: Two spouses met each other, fell in love, and thought they would spend the rest of their lives together. But something (or more than one thing) got in the way down that path to “happily ever after.” Regar… Read More
Attorneys: Mimi Derle

Investment Fraud

You were approached to invest your retirement funds in a start-up company that provides a service, or manufactures a product, that you really believe in. You do your due diligence by reviewing the company’s financial statements, and the numbers the… Read More

Bank Stock Preferred Shares

Professional Advice to Invest in Bank Stock Preferred Shares? Investment Losses? Contact a Lawyer at Silver Miller Are you considering investing in bank preferred shares of stock? As an investor, it’s essential to understand the key differences be… Read More

Digital Investments (Cryptocurrency)

Cryptocurrency — such as bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Ripple — is a digital, virtual form of currency that may be traded on online exchanges for conventional currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, or used to purchase goods and services online. T… Read More
Attorneys: Mimi Derle

Class Actions

A class action lawsuit is an important tool which allows multiple plaintiffs to combine with one another — frequently against a large, well-capitalized corporate defendant — where the members of the class have similarly suffered harm from the sam… Read More

Whistleblower Claims

Reporting your employer to governmental or regulatory authorities for improper or illegal activity is no easy task. “Whistleblowing,” as it is commonly called, can lead to retaliation or even termination. Doing what is right for the greater good,… Read More

Labor & Employment Law

Silver Miller represents employers, employees, independent contractors, and professional consultants in a wide variety of labor and employment disputes. We handle virtually all of our cases on a contingency-fee basis, which allows us to take a result… Read More

Professional Malpractice

Professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and stockbrokers owe their clients a duty of care to adhere to certain professional standards of conduct established both by their industries and by other regulatory measures. When a professional’s cond… Read More

Real Estate Litigation

Our litigators and trial lawyers are well-versed in the intricacies of residential and commercial real estate markets; and we represent buyers, sellers, developers, real estate brokers, and commercial landlords and tenants in a wide variety of real e… Read More

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Operating a business poses many challenges. Increasing revenues, lowering costs, and enhancing efficiencies are but a few of the more daunting tasks businesses face each day. Perhaps equally stressful to a business, however, is how to manage the many… Read More

Probate, Trust & Estate Litigation

Dealing with the loss of a beloved family member or friend is an emotionally, and possibly financially, grueling event. Unfortunately, the difficulty of such a loss often expands into a battle over the distribution of the deceased’s assets, as bene… Read More