Gemini has frozen the Earn program and your accounts. Genesis Global -- Gemini’s sole Earn partner -- halted withdrawals almost two months ago, and Gemini paused redemptions immediately thereafter. Unfortunately, as many of you know, there is $1.9 Billion tied up in the process, including a reported $900 million stuck in limbo as Gemini Earn users suffer the consequences.

In January 2023, Cameron Winklevoss accused Barry Silbert (whose company DCG owns Genesis) of defrauding Gemini Earn customers. In a separate notice to Gemini Earn customers, Gemini informed you that Gemini terminated its loan agreements with Genesis -- a legal maneuver that officially ends the Earn program and requires Genesis to return all outstanding assets immediately. While Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss claim to be working around the clock to find a resolution for all Earn users, what Gemini is really doing is working around the clock to protect itself and not customers. Every Gemini Earn user needs to lawyer up, whether with Silver Miller or another qualified law firm to protect himself/herself. That’s exactly what Gemini (and the Winklevoss twins) are doing.

Silver Miller anticipates that Genesis is going to declare bankruptcy in the coming hours, days, or weeks. Bankruptcy -- just like the bankruptcies in Voyager, Celsius, BlockFi, and FTX -- will result in years of litigation and an open-ended question as to when, if ever, customers will recover their funds. DCG, for its part, called the Winklevoss’ public accusations against DCG a “publicity stunt” to deflect blame. According to published reports, since early-2021, Gemini employees have urged the Winklevoss twins to find more counterparties to help insulate Gemini and its customers if Genesis were ever to run into trouble. That diversification of counterparties never happened, but the trouble did arrive.

The time to protect yourself is now. Silver Miller is happy to answer any questions by e-mail that you have. While the Winklevoss twins urged patience from Earn customers and pledged to work with Genesis to recoup your money, the January 2023 Gemini correspondence changed all that. If Cameron’s January 2, 2023 letter accusing DCG of intermingling money represents the truth, systemic problems exist that will only be addressed through litigation or indictments. The Winklevoss twins, Gemini, Barry Silbert, and Genesis all have the best lawyers in the world working for them. Customers should do the same.

Silver Miller ( -- the leading cryptocurrency investor law firm in the country, with vast experience litigating against cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Cryptsy, Binance, Bittrex, and Poloniex; and other crypto coin purveyors and digital asset promotors -- is extremely proud to have forged this path and trusts that all qualified victims will be able to avail themselves of this opportunity to recover the losses they suffered.