Oil, Gas, and Energy Investment Losses


Believing that oil, gas, and energy sources will always be in high demand by consumers across the globe, investment advisors have historically touted investments in those areas as conservative avenues for customers to see steady growth and income in their portfolios.  However, energy are actually highly volatile investments.  When oil supplies greatly outnumber the demand for oil (as the industry saw in recent years), oil prices drop; and investors whose portfolios are over-concentrated in that area experience significant losses.  In 2014 and 2015, the price of crude oil fell to astonishing lows; and investors who had been led by profit-and-income-promising financial advisors to invest heavily in energy stocks instead felt the sting of those price drops.

Similarly, several up-start oil drilling and energy companies relying on funding from investors through private placements and limited partnerships have themselves over-promised and under-delivered for their investors in recent years.  Promises of wealth from oil drilling in Alaskan oil reserves and abroad have gone unfulfilled, and investors expecting to be awash in profits have instead seen their investment capital disappear in mismanaged, non-performing, and misrepresented investments.

Silver Miller is investigating, and has already commenced lawsuits against a number of, investment advisors and privately-funded oil, gas, and energy companies who have misled investors about the safety of investing in this risky area.  Knowledge is the only true power on which you can rely, and our team of attorneys has the knowledge and the power to assist investors who have been improperly and imprudently duped into investing in this oftentimes dangerous realm.

If your financial advisor has overconcentrated your assets in oil, gas, and energy stocks, or if the volatile nature of such investments are simply not suitable to your conservative investment approach, contact us at no charge to discuss your legal rights and what claims might be available to pursue recovery of your losses.  Likewise, if you have contributed to an oil, gas, or energy company’s private placement or limited partnership offering that shows no signs of providing you the return you were promised on your investment, contact us for a free consultation to investigate whether you can get your funds returned to you.  Because we work almost exclusively on a pure contingency-fee basis, we will not charge you any legal fees in a such a case if we are not able to secure for you a return of your losses.