Tezos Class Action

Silver Miller -- the leading cryptocurrency investor law firm in the country, with actions currently pending against the Coinbase, Kraken, and Cryptsy exchanges -- filed the first federal court lawsuit against troubled blockchain start-up Tezos and its founders Arthur and Kathleen Brietman.  Everyone in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) world knew there was going to be a day of reckoning regarding whether ICOs are securities.  For Tezos -- whose July 2017 ICO raised investor assets now valued at more than $1.1 billion but who experienced repeated delays in the launch of its network amidst political in-fighting and the frustrated departure of key management figures -- that day is here. 

Read Silver Miller's Gaviria, et al vs. Dynamic Ledger Solutions, Inc., et al. 

On April 3, 2018, lead counsel appointed by the court (HGT Law) filed a consolidated class action lawsuit against Tezos and several of its officers, directors, and financial partners is currently pending in federal court in California. 

On behalf of investors, we are monitoring the lawsuit and are continuing our investigation into Tezos, its founders, and the ICO.  Please contact us with information about your claim and your investment losses if you are interested in joining us in our investigation.