Class Actions

A class action lawsuit is an important tool which allows multiple plaintiffs to combine with one another — frequently against a large, well-capitalized corporate defendant — where the members of the class have similarly suffered harm from the same cause as all other members of the class. Our attorneys have handled class action lawsuits in a variety of business and consumer disputes throughout the country and have secured judgments and settlements valued at more than $100 Million.

In 2015, David Silver was named lead Class Counsel in the litigation against now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy. Using a pragmatic yet creative approach to representing the class’ interests, David successfully forged a path to more than $60 Million in judgments and negotiated resolutions in that matter.

Our attorneys have filed federal court class actions against other cryptocurrency exchanges alleged to have caused widespread harm to customers across the globe due to negligent acts and inadequate internal controls, costing members of the class millions of dollars in damage. In several of those cases, courts across the nation have appointed us as Lead Class Counsel. We are also investigating additional matters against domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges in which class action lawsuits are likely forthcoming.

Along with marshalling and serving as counsel to a class of similarly-situated victims, we have extensive experience advising clients regarding their options about participating in a class action or opting out of the class action and instead pursuing their individual claims as stand-alone plaintiffs against a variety of potentially liable defendants. There are advantages to both options, depending on the factual scenario in which they arise; and we carefully advise our clients regarding which path would best suit their legal interests.

If you have suffered economic harm in a manner that you believe is shared by numerous other victims, but you fear that the amount of your loss is too small to warrant hiring an attorney, please contact us to discuss your legal rights. You may be well-suited to pursue recovery of your losses through a class action lawsuit, and we can advise you regarding your rights and options going forward.