Whistleblower Claims

Reporting your employer to governmental or regulatory authorities for improper or illegal activity is no easy task. “Whistleblowing,” as it is commonly called, can lead to retaliation or even termination. Doing what is right for the greater good, however, has its own rewards . . . though a whistleblower typically needs legal guidance to protect himself/herself from the harm which has been, or which will be, inflicted upon him/her by a defensive and vengeful employer.

Our legal team includes former defense attorneys and government prosecutors with significant experience handling whistleblower claims and prosecuting criminal wrongs. We have prosecuted whistleblower claims before:

  • the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • the Internal Revenue Service
  • the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

We relentlessly assist our clients at every stage of the whistleblowing process, from preparing written submissions to the applicable governmental or regulatory entities, engaging in frequent communication with those entities to further support and advance our clients’ claims, preparing our clients to testify in support of their claims, and engaging in negotiations aimed at maximizing our clients’ recovery for providing vital information used by the entities to halt the illegal activity uncovered by our clients. Additionally, we oftentimes represent our clients as well in their labor and employment dispute if they are fired or experience retribution from their employers.

If you believe you have well-documented information that would support a whistleblower claim and want to end the illegal practices in which your employer (or even someone other than your employer) is engaging, contact us for a no fee, no obligation consultation; and we can discuss with you your options in protecting your interests and prosecuting your whistleblower claim. As with everything we do on a pure contingency-fee basis, if we are not able to obtain for you compensation for your claim, we do not get paid a fee for our services.