Banking on Bitcoin: An AttorneyÍs Big Stake in Cryptocurrency Litigation

David Silver Quote :

There's a difference between talking about the tech side and the good old-fashioned theft side. Good old-fashioned theft is the second oldest crime in the world. This is just good old-fashioned theft.

Coral Springs attorney David Silver is in uncharted territory.

There are hints of this in his court filings, where for instance a definition of “fiat money” — currencies established through government regulation — goes alongside a flow chart explaining the alleged movement of millions of dollars’ worth of another type of commodity: the intangible digital or cryptocurrencies increasingly at the center of class actions alleging widespread securities fraud.

His filings and subsequent recoveries helped place Silver on the front line of class action lawsuits against financial services providers dealing in cryptocurrencies. It also seems to have caught the attention of leaders in the securities and technology sectors, who’ve booked Silver for three speaking engagements this summer, including a presentation in New York during the Fintech Week conference in August.

Silver’s litigation strategy has been to present a clear and succinct case on a subject that’s neither simple nor transparent, sidestepping fresh complications for a plaintiffs lawyer in the largely mysterious world of digital currency trading.

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