Silver Miller Leads the Way Representing Victims of Mobile Phone SIM Swaps -

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Silver Miller Leads the Way Representing Victims of Mobile Phone SIM Swaps

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Silver Miller ( — America’s leading cryptocurrency investor law firm — has become a “go to” law firm for victims of an emerging form of identity theft: SIM swapping.  Sometimes known as “SIM hijacking” or “mobile phone account takeover,” this growing crime preys upon cellphone users (T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon) in ways of which victims are not even aware until after their mobile phone accounts have been overtaken, their identities have been stolen, and their financial assets have been ripped from the bank accounts or cryptocurrency accounts in which they were believed to be safeguarded.

“I counsel clients every day on the dangers of the weak security protocols mobile telecom providers have,” said Silver Miller Managing Partner David Silver “and how those unchecked weaknesses pose such a persistent danger to all mobile phone users. Those weaknesses are not cellphone customers’ fault, but they certainly become those customers’ problem; and Silver Miller tirelessly fights to help people who have fallen victim to both substandard telecom provider security and bad actors who leverage that weakness for their own illegal profit”

The threat of SIM swapping is more real than ever and has continued to surge in the last few years. In 2022, the Federal Bureau of Investigations highlighted the increasing prevalence of SIM-swap attacks, especially targeting individuals with significant cryptocurrency holdings. Shockingly, the FBI estimated that a staggering $72 million was stolen through SIM-swap attacks in 2022, marking an increase from $68 million in 2021. As these attacks become more sophisticated, the need for expert legal representation has never been greater.

A recent high-profile incident underscores the severity of SIM swapping. In September 2023Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of  Ethereum—the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency—revealed that his X, previously known as Twitter, account was compromised due to a SIM swap on his T-Mobile account. The hackers then used his account to promote a fake giveaway, deceiving Buterin’s millions of followers into connecting their cryptocurrency wallets to a fraudulent link. This scam resulted in the theft of nearly $700,000 in cryptocurrency. By preying upon Buterin’s high-profile identity, even if not directly upon his own financial assets, the hackers were able to cash in on their SIM swap crime.

Silver Miller’s expertise isn’t limited to individual cases. The firm has successfully managed a variety of SIM swap cases, recovering millions in dollars and assets. Their innovative approach to these complex issues has earned them recognition as one of America’s most forward-thinking law practices.

Beyond the statistics and high-profile incidents, the true measure of Silver Miller’s impact can be best understood through the words of those they’ve directly assisted

Angela W. shares her experience, “David Silver and his team were my lifeline when all of my crypto was stolen in a SIM swap hack. Their diligence, professionalism, and responsiveness were unmatched. I can’t recommend them enough!” Similarly, Arthur K. emphasizes the firm’s unique expertise, “After being SIM swapped and losing a significant amount, I was lost. David and his team were my best shot at justice. Their knowledge in this niche is unparalleled. I’m beyond grateful for their representation.”

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