Elder Financial Fraud

Incidents of elder financial abuse are unfortunately becoming more frequent each year, as financial advisors or other trusted people engage in behavior intended to deceive and deprive elderly persons of their finances, personal possessions, and even real estate holdings. The effects of such abuse are oftentimes far-reaching, affecting not only the direct victims of the abuse but also the intended beneficiaries designated in the victims’ estate planning documents like wills and trusts.

Silver Miller is ever-vigilant against elder fraud and passionately upholds Florida’s elder abuse laws, which are among the strongest in the nation. We regularly monitor and investigate claims arising from:

  • “Free” lunch or dinner investment seminars
  • Abuses by any trusted individual acting under a Power of Attorney
  • “Cold call” investment opportunities with no supporting documentation or misleading documentation
  • Ponzi schemes targeting senior citizens
  • Undue influence or duress in formulating financial planning strategies

If you fear you or an elderly loved one might be the victim of elder fraud, please contact us to discuss what legal rights and options are available.