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Influencers Beware: Promoting the Wrong Crypto Could Mean Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit

The story of BitConnect doesn’t include any rapping Forbes bloggers slash money launderers or dubiously-obtained ape JPGs, but this “pyramid-on-Ponzi” case has spawned a court ruling (PDF, embedded below, via @stephendpalley) that should serve as a warning for influencers: they could be held liable for peddling shady crypto investments. In case you’ve forgotten this particular scam, BitConnect’s promoters told its victims

Let’s Go Brandon’ Crypto Coin Turns Into Total Dumpster Fire

The MAGA-themed “Let’s Go Brandon” Ethereum cryptocurrency has fallen on tough times. So much so that the value of all 330 trillion coins totals just a few thousand dollars combined, according to the trading sites CoinMarketCap and Crypto, a far cry from the days of pro-Trump investors believing they could strike it rich in the ever-complex world of crypto. That

Private Funds are the New Public Funds

Bitfinex If you have $10,000 in your bank account, and thieves hack into your account and drain all of the money, and you go to your bank and establish that that’s what happened, and the hackers get away successfully, what will the bank do? The three main theoretically possible answers are: The bank will give

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